Tongue and lip ties

Dr. Moeller will evaluate your child for tongue function and appearance. We include you in the evaluation, so that you will be able to see any tongue, lip, or buccal ties and understand the care process. If a frenectomy is needed, the procedure happens during the same visit, so you won't need to make an additional trip. We ask that you bring a swaddle with you to your evaluation and any additional appointments.

Laser Frenectomy
During the procedure we gently swaddle your child and place laser eye protection. No sedation or general anesthesia is needed. One of our dental assistants will gently stabilize your babies head for the procedure. Once your baby is safely swaddled and protected, the procedure usually takes less than 5 minutes. The laser tip is used to finely and precisely remove the restrictive tissue under the tongue. If other lip ties, buccal ties, or lower lip ties are noted, they are treated on the same visit.

Because the laser seals blood vessels, there is little to no bleeding during the procedure. The laser also seals nerve endings, so there is a numbing effect for a several hours following the visit. The laser also disinfects, minimizing any risk of infection.

As soon as Dr. Moeller releases the ties, the swaddle and eye wear are removed and you are reunited with your child. Breastfeeding is possible immediately after the procedure.

The revision site heals similarly to a canker sore, so your child may be more fussy for a few days following the procedure. Some show immediate improvement with breastfeeding following the procedure. Other babies may need some time to learn how to use their newly released tongue. Working with a lactation consultant can help get your changing breastfeeding relationship off to a good start.

Since the bottom of the tongue and floor of the mouth frequently touch, the site will occasionally reattach. To prevent reattachment, Dr. Moeller recommends a specific aftercare regimen.

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